19 August 2018
Gardens By the Bay East

Running Workshop

Learn to run efficiently and improve your running technique on 11 August with Coach Andrew Cheong, Head Coach and Founder of SSTAR.fitness!

11 August, Saturday
4.00pm (lasts for 1.5 hours)
The Sports Hub Library, 4 Stadium Walk, Singapore 397697
$10 per person
Proceeds will be donated to a Global charity - Action Against Child Exploitation - as part of the "Run with Heart" fund raising initiative for the Tokyo Marathon 2019


  1. The Structured and Scientific approach to training for your race
  2. Learn how to run injury free with the correct biomechanics of running

Find the answers to these questions:

  1. How can I make full use of my training time for optimal results?
  2. How do I run less, but yet run faster?
  3. What is the ideal running gait to reduce the risk of running injuries?

What you will experience:

  1. Presentation and seminar by Andrew Cheong, Head Coach and Founder of SSTAR.fitness
  2. Hands on running drills to improve your running gait, reduce the risk of running injuries conducted by Andrew, his coaches and Shape run pacers

This workshop is open for public signups. To register, please click here.